Uniting the industry

R-Cycle is an open standard for stakeholders of all industries involved in the life cycle of plastic packaging. The data environment provided by R-Cycle permits the complete documentation of all recycling-related packaging properties.

Making progress openly accessible

R-Cycle is being developed to market maturity by various technology companies and organizations along the value chain of plastic packaging. GS1 Germany supports the development of R-Cycle into a global standard that can be used across all industries. R-Cycle will then be openly accessible to all companies in the plastic packaging industry, to suppliers and the recycling industry.

The practical suitability of R-Cycle is currently tested and verified in several pilot projects which are carried out together with raw material producers, packaging manufacturers, brand owners, wholesalers and retailers.

If you want to contribute to a true circular economy while making use of the many benefits of R-Cycle, we will be delighted to hear from you. Contact us now to apply your ideas, know-how or technology.

The following partners are involved in R-Cycle:

R-Cycle permits cross-industry collaboration

R-Cycle permits cross-industry collaboration

The example of the life cycle of a shampoo bottle illustrates the importance of cross-industry collaboration even for a single product. A number of manufacturing steps involving different production technologies must be coordinated using a standardized database to ensure that the end product is fully recyclable. R-Cycle is therefore developed across all industries and will be provided as an open system to all companies in the plastic packaging industry.

Circular Economy in Practice

R-Cycle offers the solution

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Closing the Loop

R-Cycle is making rapid progress

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