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R-Cycle is the open traceability standard for sustainable plastic products and packaging. With the digital product passport, (recycling)-relevant information is already automatically recorded during packaging production and filling, forwarded through the value chain, and made retrievable via appropriate marking (e.g. digital watermarks). This enables waste sorting plants to identify recyclable packaging and form recycling-friendly, single-variety fractions. This is the basis for obtaining high-quality recyclates and a functioning circular economy.

In addition to the effective improvement of product sustainability, the fulfillment of (upcoming) legal information requirements, such as the calculation of the carbon footprint, the recycled content or in the area of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), is significantly facilitated. Time-consuming manual calculations can thus be automated in order to meet requirements from legislators or customers.


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The digital product passport

You know what you want? Use R-Cycle as a turnkey "Software-as-a-Service" solution. We have an interoperable infrastructure, for fast and efficient implementation. R-Cycle enables you to use digital product passports for your specific applications.

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Pilot projects

You would like to test R-Cycle on your own pilot line or together with a customer or partner? No problem. We analyze the exact requirements together with you and offer you a defined project from A-Z.

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Would you like in-depth consulting on the subject of digital product passports on an hourly basis? We provide you with fast, targeted and individual support. Benefit from our unique expertise in the use of digital product passports in the plastics industry.

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The R-Cycle Community

Gain exclusive access to the R-Cycle network to strengthen your business relationships. With the support of experienced partners, you can start important collaborations, benefit from ongoing projects and get inspired.

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