Our values for a sustainable future

We are convinced that plastic is a valuable material on our path to climate neutrality. To leverage their full potential, we need a viable circular economy based on data exchange and transparency along the entire life cycle of plastics. We need digital product passports. As a service provider, we support you in implementing digital product passports for your products. With the help of the DPP, you give your products an identification. The time is now to combine digitization and sustainability.

We are R-Cycle

Our Mission

Creating a sustainable future with plastics

The global sustainability shift is finally in full swing. Stopping global warming and preserving our home planet for future generations are a must. Plastic has all the requirements for making a decisive contribution to a climate-neutral world. It is well suited to the circular economy and reduces carbon emissions in a variety of ways – for example, as a high-performance material for lightweight and highly functional packaging within global supply chains.

Leveraging the potential of digitalization

Data provides the logical basis for a functioning circular economy. We need a relevant and accurate information exchange about plastic products along their entire life cycle in order to manufacture and recycle them efficiently and sustainably. R-Cycle makes use of the available data and provides the crucial tool: the digital product passport.

Establishing an open standard

Trust is required to connect value chains and exchange information between the various stakeholders with particular interests. Standards form the foundation for building this trust. R Cycle is based on open GS1 standards – the leading global network for cross-industry process development.

Protecting information

The use of digital product passports means the transfer of data. Therefore, security and trust are our top priorities. R-Cycle only collects relevant data on a need-to-know basis, but not recipe or production secrets. Storage takes place in a state-of-the-art, protected data environment with clearly defined access rights.

Acting as a community

We are a strong community that stems from the core of the industry. A large number of different players along the value chain and organizations across the life cycle of plastics support R-Cycle. We are open to all stakeholders who have a future orientated mindset and a proactive interest in the circular economy in the plastic value chain.

Sharing expertise

An efficient circular economy is one of the most important and urgent challenges of our time and requires determined, holistic, and cross-sector expertise. The R-Cycle network combines the expertise of all the necessary partners and shares insights to shape a common path.

Creating values

R-Cycle helps you to quickly find profitable applications for the digital product passport in your business. From improved waste sorting and recycling to proof of recycled content, upstream and downstream data transfer, or data-optimized production - the possibilities are virtually endless.

Achieving acceptance

Creating a global standard requires acceptance by all major key players. That's why we rely on partnerships, open dialog, and consensus with all stakeholders or other initiatives to ensure that related approaches complement each other.

Leading the way

When it comes to technological change, speed and flexibility are crucial competitive factors. Politics are already demanding digital product passports for plastics and they will change our industries permanently. At R-Cycle, we learn fast, act agilely, and bring concrete pilot projects into real production operations.

Applying tried and tested solutions

R-Cycle is not a concept – it is a working solution. We have an interoperable infrastructure that is conveniently provided as software-as-a-service – accessible to any manufacturing, sorting or recycling facility across the life cycle of plastics. Combined with our experience from the R-Cycle network, it is your path to data-based, efficient, and sustainable value creation processes in the sense of a true circular economy.

Our Success Stories

Proof of material for plant pots thanks to Digital Product Passport
Proof of material for plant pots thanks to Digital Product Passport
Constantly increasing industrial and legal information and reporting obligations require efficient data management. The challenge here is the often time-consuming and costly generation and provision of the relevant data. In order to aggregate the relevant product data in a simple, standardized way and across company boundaries, R-Cycle customer Pöppelmann is testing the use of Digital Product Passports.
Engel shows injection-molded cups made of recycled PET with digital product passes
Engel shows injection-molded cups made of recycled PET with digital product passes
ENGEL has developed a new manufacturing process for injection-molded cups that represents a quantum leap for the packaging industry. The Austrian injection moulding machine manufacturer processes recycled material (rPET) directly in injection moulding in just one process step. An ENGEL e-speed injection moulding machine with a newly developed and extremely powerful injection unit is used for the process.